Project FOLLOW THE YELLOW85 came into being on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of QUEENS shop. This well known streetwear vendor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia decided to celebrate the occasion properly. With the intention of creating an iconic product Queens adressed not only the brand Nike but also a well known figure of the sneakerheads and streetwear scene, Michal Yaksha Novotný.

Yaksha is known on the music scene mainly as a DJ, as an executive producer and owner of the I LOVE PARTY PRODUCTION label and as a joint owner of the PAY brand. Since clothing is not far from fashion it was no surprise that Queens chose him for this collaboration.
“Nike Air Max were an unattainable dream for me during my childhood. I’ve always wanted them and that’s why I started to turn my childhood dream into reality once I became more financially independent. I’ve never considered myself to be a collector but it is true that up until this day I own more than 70 pairs.”

The result of this project is a NIKE AIR MAX 1 iD model in black colour with VN yellow elements.
“When it comes to this design I was inspired by the ageless ”all black” trend which works well in both street and high fashion. As an accent I used yellow on the inside and for the soles. This color refers to my origins so the name of the color version is BLACK/VN YELLOW where VN stands for Vietnam”, adds Yaksha.
This is a limited edition and there will only be five pairs in stock. The entire profit will be donated to charity and if you’re curious to find out who the authors chose to help with the acquired profit make sure to keep following this web.


Boris Klimek is a young designer born in Martin. He is the author of the Nike Air Max 1 iD x Yaksha x Queens cover.
The inspiration for this cover came from his collector’s passion. Its final form recalls collector’s boxes where the content is protected and exposed to admiration at the same time. Boris studied at the Zlín studio of product and conceptual design of the artistic/industrial college in Prague.
During his studies he took part in an internship in Englad at the Sheffield Hallam University, at the fine arts college in Bratislava or the Prague studio of product design led by the designers Michal Froňko and Jan Němeček /Olgoj Chorchoj/.

Boris recieved numerous awards in the field of design. Among others he can pride himself with awards like Furniture of the year 2013/ the Element sofa awarded by the Czech Association of the furniture manufacturers or the Elle Deco International Design Award 2013/ Frame collection in the bathroom category.
During years 2011 and 2012 he even became the talent of the year within the Elle Deco International Design Award. He currently operates in Prague where he dedicates himself to product and interior design. In his production he is concentrating on the search for certain conceptual laps, games and stories. He is trying to make his designs not only functional but also poetic, playful and able to stimulate people’s fantasy and emotions.


Boris Klimek is the author of Nike Air Max 1 iD x Yaksha x Queens custom case. The design of the case was inspired by collectible passion. Therefore, the final form of the case evokes the look of collector’s boxes which keep the content protected, yet displayed.


Ten years ago Queens had a vision to get the best sneakers and the most interesting clothes and accessories to the Czech customers. However, they did not want to forget about their roots and wanted to include graffiti and art supplies in their offer since those were the products the most renowned streetwear shop in the Czech Republic and Slovakia started selling more than a decade ago.

After ten years the vision is still there. In their offer you can find hundreds of models of sneakers, as well as interesting clothes from the most famous brands like Nike, Jordan and many others. Of course there are also snapbacks, backpacks, cleaning sets etc.
There are hundreds of satisfied customers who come not only from Slovakia or the Czech Republic but from the rest of Europe, USA and China as well.

“We’re satisfied when you’re satisfied. And we think that a selection of good brands and an excellent customer service are crucial.”
Shopping at Queens is not only about buying great things but more importantly about the experience of shopping.
“We’re constantly innovating our website, improving our shops, working on our customer service, watching new trends, searching through fairs. How successful are we at that? Judge that by yourself!”